Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tetchy lefties on "The world at one"

If you listened to Martha Kearney and the World at One on BBC radio 4 this lunch time let me ask you a question.

Is it just me or are the lefties getting a bit tetchy about the poor performance of Gordon Brown - esp at PMQs ?

Also for those wondering which side the Lib Dem toast is buttered we had the old alliance of Labour and Lib Dem commentators laying into the Tory in the second of the two interviews.(Shirley Williams just can't help herself).

Martha had trouble keeping the two sides apart in the first interview.

It seems to me that the failure of Gordon Brown is now becoming hard for Labour ( and interestingly the Lib Dems) to ignore. It making them bad tempered as they realise the end of their gravy train is approaching fast.

Update: Others who have commented on Browns shameless inability at PMQ's today:
Gibson Unbound
Iain Dale wonders why Brown can't answer a simple question.

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