Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Teachers to get pay cut

Gordon the con-artist has set up the Aunt Sally of 2% for pay increases, but as we know inflation is at over 4% (real world RPI - not in Gordon's magic fairy land New Labour CPI).

So roughly the teachers are getting a 1.55% pay cut in real terms this year and potentially bigger cuts in the years to follow ( as they have to accept the risk of varying inflation rates over the three years.)

Now I can't really complain about cutting back the state sector - it certainly needs doing. But I'll just point out the cowardice, spin a deception used by Gordon Brown and the Labour government ( and faithfully reported by the -as ever pro-Labour- BBC as a good pay rise ).

Remember private sector pay rises are averaging 4%, and RPI inflation ( including things you actually have to pay for unlike CPI ) is 4% (link is live - so will be update RPI inflation reported as 4% for Dec 07).

Update: Looks like the teacher's can do the math - see here

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