Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Public sector pensions are doomed, but Gordon will deceive as long as possible

As with a number of things the current Labour government has shown cowardice in the face of action clearly required for the good of the country.

This fact goes to show how unsustainable public sector pensions are:

Now Gordon Brown has done his best to maximise the pay roll vote by massively increasing the numbers of civil servants, but even their votes surely can't contend with this fact.

At the same time that Gordon Brown has mortgaged the future of many private sector workers with his ten billion pounds a year stealth tax on their pensions ( showing further his signature of cowardice as the effect isn't going to be fully noticed until well after Brown and his fellow New Labour parasites are enjoying their spectacular pensions guaranteed by the state. )

Remember Brown making the naked self interest decision before the last election of letting many civil servants retire at 60 still - when many of the rest of us will now die before we can draw our pensions ( but we will have paid for the civil servants ones anyway ! ).

Maybe this is part of David Cameron's plan to close the MP's pension scheme and replace it with a defined contributions scheme like the rest of us have to use.

One thing is sure - the current situation is unsustainable and many public servants who are now day dreaming of cruises and round the world trips paid for by poor private sector pensioners are going to be rudely disappointed as a massive realignment of public sector pensions is inevitable.

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