Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Nuclear TINA

Nuclear power - there is no alternative for the UK but to build Nuclear, and build it as quickly as can responsibly be achieved.

Labour have delayed the decision by ten years. It may already be to late to avoid Brown outs like California had a few years ago. We will almost certainly have to run existing Nuclear power stations beyond their design lives (which is less safe, less efficient and less reliable) due to the short termism and frankly careerism of the current Labour government.

Gordon Brown may want to get this started now - and its better than never - but it is already too late.

David Cameron must take careful advice on this. Remember the brown outs and black outs will be in 5-10 years time when he is likely to be prime minister. If he hasn't supported the building of power capacity then he will get the blame for Labours failure. Ignore Zac Goldsmith!

( See also my past post on Greens and Nuclear ).

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