Thursday, May 24, 2007

With Nuclear power the lights will stay on - with the Greens we will live in Darkness

Lets stop kidding ourselves. Either we build nuclear power stations and have an independent power supply or we have a choice of living in teepees with Zac Goldsmith ( what's the betting that the old Etonians will have the best teepees ?) or being part of either the Russian Mafia / Islamo Fascist Caliphate.

If you believe the guff about energy efficiency then you probably also think that government can make large efficiency savings to pay for all the promises they make at election time.

Its time to grow up. We can go with the Luddite Green medievalists and their sinister green Trotskyite co-travellers, or we can take our responsibilities seriously.

It is almost too late anyway - and that is mostly Labour's fault.

I know there are arguments about cost etc made, but other power sources don't pay the full costs of their activities either. Gas in the future will require a large military infrastructure to secure supplies and lots of expensive appeasement to gain the privilege of being sold to. In essence the government sets the rules in such a way as to determine the outcome anyway - all the rest is window dressing/spin.

Britain has already run down its capability in the design and construction of nuclear power. My guess is that those who know what they are doing are closing in on retirement. We would need a US company to build them for us now anyway. We produce our own fuel, and that capability will stop without customers - as will our capability to be an independent nuclear power. ( Does anyone want to hand our seat on the UN security council over to Iran ? Because they'll have the ability to claim it just at the time we announce to the world we are too wimpy for the job.)

PS BP announcement to scrap such a bid for the Peterhead CO2 recovery project ( I think they were going to do something smart with Hydrogen also ) is just another example of this Labour government dithering. They always set long term target - way in the future for everything, but refuse to make the tough decisions now that would allow those targets to be met.

PPS I leave the man made global warming argument out - as I suspect we are being misled on that front anyway. The argument for Nuclear power makes sense without it.


See also the leader in today's Daily Telegraph here.

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