Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Family on David Cameron and grammar schools

Nearly every year, after the passing away of the last of my grandparents on my Father's side, most of my cousins get together for a reunion. We're busy organising it now, and as the confirmed foaming at the mouth Tory of the family I let slip a one liner about Grammar schools and week or so ago.

Let me share with you the answers - there are a few bits of other threads mixed in, but I'm sure you can figure out where (names changed to protect myself mostly ):

Man in a Shed

    Sounds great ! thanks,


    Haven't tried facebook yet - too busy roasting David Cameron over the Grammar school fiasco on the interweb thingy. ( I'm now a rebel. )

Tall cousin
    I'm with you there, MiaS. What's he playing at?

Frighteningly efficient Cousin ( she comes camping with small baby in arms and still finds time to help everyone else put up their tents ! )
    What is facebook?

    Will try to make effort to read up on cons grammar school thing. All
    conservative councillors -hoping-to-be-before-election, mentioned keeping them going.

    DC perhaps a bit too Boden for me.

    Am still being political though TC- bought another Branston brown sauce
    yesterday, that's 2 now. Bet HP are sorry. Obviously I haven't bought much
    Burberry for a while either.


Tall cousin
    Good for you, XXXX! Same here.
Eldest Cousins and a Senior Nurse (MiaS has always had her down as being a little left of centre, along with her husband )
    Feel free to add further basting to your David Cameron roast on our
    behalf. Since Fred got into grammar school he has been stretched for the
    first time ever. It is the first school that has shown any interest in
    him achieving his potential rather than hitting some very average
    targets. I am very cross.
    Nursing Cousin
I couldn't put it better myself. Fred lives in the north and, apart from the fact his family suffers from Hull City supporter's syndrome ,should have a bright future ahead of him thanks to his school.

Its the last response that should create fear at CCHQ. I've kept saying people are very cross - perhaps dinner parties in Notting hill Gate don't get to hear about it, the worry being on school fees etc. Angry people get very motivated - you won't just lose their votes, but those of every one they can influence - and they will try.

Note to family: Try and remember its an anonymous blog in any comments you post. Sorry about the short hand I've used for you all - you can get even at the camping weekend if your feeling lucky enough ! (I'm moderating - so behave.)

PS Anyone else spotted Conservative support head down with the current attack on its aspirational supporters ?

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Anonymous said...

Technically challenged Left wing nursing cousin said:

Although I do think that from where you are sitting, even Norman Tebbit
looks a bit left of centre.

Man in a shed said...

Norman Tebbit - yes I've been thinking of doing a blog on him.