Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A critical moment approaches

So here comes what we think is Gordon Brown's last budget. Remember he invented the style of the disingenuous budget speech - where bad news if hidden so far in the details as not to make the headlines with the 24 hr media or next days newspapers.

Last year David Cameron's response was fantastic. If memory serves me right he was describebd as like an Apache helicopter gunship attacking the old tank of Gordon Brown. But things have moved on from then.

For Gordon Brown needs to look like the fully human leader ready to take over.

David Cameron needs to steady hidden gitters in his own party ( mostly kept in private about recent policy ) - but also make good on the success of project Cameron in taking the Conservative party into scoring range and the likelihood of victory at the next general election.

All the pieces are in the air right now - and there are many possible futures before us - but only one road will be followed tomorrow.

What will happen ?

Man in a Shed welcomes the ideas on simplifying corporation tax, and any other taxes, as mentioned by George Osborne. But he is very worried about the green fascism agenda that seems to be taking hold.

If you think man made climate change is a real threat Dave - then Nuclear power stations need to be built - starting a few years ago. Man in a Shed is not so sure about man being responsible for global warming - but he does think the UK needs to develop greater energy independence and security. Also why pay certain countries large amounts of money when they spend it subverting our society or buying weapons to threaten us in the future ?

Lets see ...

PS Humphrey Malins (MiaS's local MP ) is on 18DT tonight - but I may have to watch a recording as I'll be out at a meeting. He's a thoughtful man, and as far as I can see a real gentleman. He has been independent minded, resigning from the shadow front bench about support for the Iraq war and has a first hand knowledge of the criminal justice system. ( Man in a Shed was impressed by the loyalty shown to him when he went round canvassing from those who had met Humphrey.)


wrinkled weasel said...

Gordon is a bizarre man. Indeed, "stealth" is his middle name, as evidenced by his burying of the bad news, as you so rightly point out.

I hope he becomes leader..and Prime Minister, for he will certainly hand the Tories a victory.

Man in a shed said...

Yep your right there WW.

Just watched the speaches and I thought Gordo did OK - but where's the money coming from.

David Cameron gave a good response - though he wasn't as aggressive as last time. He was right to accept when GB had take up Tory ideas - but to point to Brown's 10 year record.

I did wonder about the editing of the TV. A lot of going to Labour ministers with facial expressions rebuffing points ( David Miliband's contorted face it being suggested he was off to become leader was a bit much - so maybe he is ! )

It will take 48hrs to really understand what has gone on. As a small company owner I think I get stuffed, but have to check latter on.