Wednesday, March 21, 2007

David Miliband's face

Just watched David Cameron giving a solid reply, under the difficult circumstances of a Brown disingenuous budget speech ( as always the bad news is hidden so his little spin merchant trolls can get out to brief the media on the message they would like to be on TV and in the papers ).

The bit I picked out from his reply ( before the BiasedBC BBC pulled the plug on Cameron ) was his suggestion that David Miliband was standing next to the door to get out quickly to launch his leadership campaign. The camera cut to Miliband who did his best student politics look of disgust - he protested a little too much - aka over acted - in my opinion.

Can't say anything about Brown's budget yet, as we have all learned to ignore what he says and pay attention to what he has actually done. Accept to say he's still up to his old tricks of announcing things many years of - but wanting the credit for them now.

Full reaction when the media accountants and economists have had proper time to spot where the money's coming from (aka who gets screwed. )

Updates: budget commentaries coming in now. See

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