Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The BBC play Pravda to Gordon's Stalin

After the last budget David Cameron gave a spectacular speech in which he destroyed Gordon Brown. The BBC appear to be determined that it shouldn't happen again. What have they done as of 16:50 21 Mar 07 ?

    1) Cut of David Cameron's speech on their budget coverage.
    2) Hidden his response with much smaller links of their web site.
    3) Provided no link that I can find to his reply.

Its like they were determined it wouldn't happen again.

Then you see the headlines that the Labour party want - but no mention of the increase in National insurance.

The senior members of the Conservative party must remember this and castrate the BBC when next in power.

All the links in the high profile places point to Labour friendly stories - David Cameron is hidden away.

In the budget article again the reponse is hidden away.
The article giving David Cameron's response can't even get a picture of him in parliament with it, and no link to a video of the reply. Stalin will be happy !The new BBC media player doesn't tolerate dissent or alternatives. Only Uncle Joe.

If you work for the BBC you should hang your head in shame. The BBC is clearly one of the major threats to an open democracy in the UK at the current moment.

I'm not asking for good coverage for opposition politicians, but you should be able to manage equal and professional.

Update: The BBC bloggers do much better with analysis and balance here - shame the rest of the corporation feel propaganda is their business.


Northwing said...

It's pretty appalling isn't it. Insititutional bias, nepotism and essentially corruption. Like tonight on BBC News 24, they had the Economics editor from the Guardian in the studio, whereas his opposite from the Telegraph appeared by video link. Probably highly explainable, but the point is it still keeps happening, again and again - Guardian:Labour:Socialist bias.

wrinkled weasel said...

"The BBC is clearly one of the major threats to an open democracy in the UK at the current moment"

Yes, it certainly is.

Apart from their broadcasting, I have noticed this particularly on the Nick Robinson blog and the "Have your say" web areas.

Robinson now routinely bans people (including me) from commenting or even leaving comments for moderation.

The "Have your say" segments are always biased in their initial questions along the lines of "Should David Cameron stop beating his wife?" I have often posted reasoned arguments in response to some outrageous comments, and of course they get binned.

Let us be clear, the "Have your Say" concept is really "Have our say". What they really want you to do is to back up the BBC's viewpoint.

I have stopped watching BBC news output because of the way that presenters beam joy and light when espousing a left wing liberal agenda in a way that reminds me of "1984" The reporting assumes that all right-thinking people agree with their stance and portrays any opposing view as eccentric.

My preference for TV news nowadays is Channel Four. The reason for this is not that I agree with their political stance, but they are much more open about it and frankly, much more prepared to examine other viewpoints.