Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The NHS is now dead - thanks to devolution

Those of you who travel north of the boarder will have noticed that the health service in Scotland describes itself as the Scottish NHS. The Welsh NHS - with its bone headed Assembly lead commitment to monolithic socialism - performs worse than in England.

We now have different health services for each home nation ( what happened to that term anyway ? ).

In effect there is now an English Health Service. However those words are banned from Gordon Brown's MacLabour government as:

  1. The world England is never to be spoken.
  2. It would make clear that the health department is in fact a English department of government.
  3. It will emphasis the funding inequalities between the Scottish and English health services.
Now in fact I'm not against having a bit of variety in the Health Service. Its good that the failures of the most unrefomed part of the NHS - the Welsh part - can be compared with the English part. Its an idea which should go further.

But it also means the NHS is dead.

Those three letters stop people thinking clearly about what they are talking about. We would have better health care outcomes if we dropped the terms.

I would recommend that an incoming Conservative government rebrand along the lines of:

1) Various English/Welsh/Scots/Irish Health purchase authority's.
2) Various providers - this part already exists as the Trusts.

This could allow for local pay and true flexibility as well as clear comparisons to be made.

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