Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Brown's selective Health eugenics and fascism

So we learn that the man who wants to run our lives in minute detail thinks we should all lose some weight and not smoke before getting health treatment.

So how does he arrive at those with a weight problem and smokers to pick on ?

What about the following:

    1) Those who engage in sexual activity with more than one partner - ever.
    2) Those who have taken illegal drugs ( ie much of the Cabinet ).
    3) People who go on holiday abroad.
    4) Sports injuries.
    5) People who don't eat five fruit and veg a day.
    6) Cyclists.

All these are examples of life style choices people take which incur self induced health risk. We all know some people who seem to put on weight just by looking at food, whilst others scoff and stay looking starved.

Is this the best Labour and that old man Brown can do ? ( I add his age in here as it seems open season on categorisations people can do nothing about ).

What on earth are those idiots in New Labour on about when they talk about a Constitution for the NHS. Whatever it is it will cost money ( because it always does ).

They - the socialists - are tired, out of touch but worse of all just clueless and incompetent.

If they want to do the health of the nation a favour they should call a general election.

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