Friday, January 18, 2008

Immigrants occupy one home in 15 - and 1 in 4 new homes

Heres something from India Times that looks rather shocking. ( Some how I missed this on the BBC ;-) )

    LONDON: Immigrants to the UK occupy one in every 15 homes in the country, an official report has said, with experts predicting that four out of every ten new homes will be snapped up by migrants in the future.

    Figures compiled for the British government's Migration Impact Forum, which is studying the strain placed on the UK by the record number of arrivals from overseas, showed that immigrants occupy one in every 15 homes in the country.

    However, the total, which is the first to be produced by Whitehall, does not include migrants who have since been granted British citizenship. Experts predict that four out of every ten new homes will be snapped up by migrants in the future.

To cut a long story short - Gordon and Labour's plans to concrete over the south of Tory voting England are really for the benefit of foreigners who haven't yet arrived. They will no doubt retort with some spin on a border force with powers like the police ( misleading you into thinking its a police force - they love doing that it goes to the heart of their basic dishonesty ).

Exactly who does the UK government exist for exactly ?


Lee Griffin said...

So what if they're taking that many homes? The problem isn't the fact they're taking homes it's the fact we're not building in a sustainable manner. If we're "running out of space" it is because a) free markets on housing clearly aren't working to the benefit of the countries housing sustainability and b) we're building the wrong types of "home".

Man in a Shed said...

Lee, Building loads of new houses and infill building in the South East of England is very controversial. Our infrastructure can't support many more people and the government shows no signs of building much ( and when they do great dollops of Barnet formula bribes get sent else where ).

I would add a c) we may be running out of space as we have too many people. When I was at school we learnt the population of the UK was 54 million. We are now told its 60 million. There are too many people and immigration is uncontrolled (in any meaningful sense - i.e. stopping more people coming here. There's plenty of spin and stats from politicians - but every census the figures they go up. )

I guess these are my points, in addition to this issue not receiving the coverage it clearly deserves.

Lee Griffin said...

Yet there are some 300,000 second homes that are around the UK right now, and this number is increasing. I'm not arguing that space isn't becoming a premium, just that some of the reasons why it is becoming a premium are things that can be solved. Trying to move some of the industries and organisations out of London for a start, tighter controls on second homes, policies for new builds to maximise the amount of people that can live in such space.

We are also reproducing more, perhaps we should stop people procreating ;)