Friday, January 18, 2008

No ! Its my money.

Just heard a discussion on the radio about whether the BBC should have to compete for licence fee moeny with other public service broadcasters and there is one point I'd like to get across.

At one point the Conservative MP mentioned perhaps the money from the licence fee being spent on digital roll out could be used for this top slicing, so as not to take money from the BBC.

I would just like to say that its my money. Just because you've got people used to losing it to the government doesn't mean its the governments to spend.

The same goes for my taxes. No one should be racking their brains trying to figure out how to spend tax payers money - they should stop taking it from us in the first place.

And since were on the subject of the licence fee- which the BBC manages to make sound so grand - I'd like to chose which public service broadcaster it goes to - or at least a proportion goes to.

That would end the BBC-Guardianista domination as the large Right of centre population of the UK would at last have to be catered for. ( By the way Mark Thomson of the BBC - none of us is taken in by your employing Jeremy Clarkson or even having Iain Dale in to comment. Human shields will not hide you institutional left wing bias. )

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Anonymous said...

Did anyone count how many times the name Gordan Brown was mentioned on this morning's Today programme run by the 2 lefty harpies?
It got so bad I had to turn it off.
It certainly lived up to its name Brown's Bolshevik Company, Colin.