Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Diploma in government social engineer launched by government

Using the rather obvious ploy of saying their new diploma will be worth more than 3 'A' levels for University entrance "because we say so" the government is moving to fix its social engineering ideas on Universities. ( As of course no one will want to switch before the course are established - poorer candidates will start the diploma and get grade inflation built in. Allowing Gordon Browns/Balls wish to crush the life chances of middle class kids so that socialism can be achieved .)

Surely Universities should be allowed to matriculate as they wish ? Not in the land of Balls.

The only outcome from this will be more interview testing and more Universities setting their own exams as they can trust the government of Balls and Brown.

If they weren't trying to pull as fast one they would have introduced new 'A' levels for different subjects. If pupils can't handle 'A' levels they have no business going to University, as its going to be academically harder.

This change is all about government determining who goes to University and which University and stopping talent and hard work being the determining factors. 'A' Levels are unpopular with the educational establishment as they make the social engineering and punishing of children because of who their parents are harder to achieve - not that Labour haven't tried that already with their how were your parents educated part of the UCAS form.

Remember - Labour hate your children, at the same time they are getting private/selective education for their own. Lets see where Balls & Cooper send their kids ....

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Anonymous said...

I almost lost the plot when I posted about this today as well.

It is a shocking attack on educational standards in this country, designed to bring everyone down to the level of poorly-perfoming students rather than raising the standard for everyone.

Bloody socialists.