Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Cleggoid wins

So another career politician who has done little else with their lives becomes leader of a British political party ( that's all three of the top parties now )

The Cleggoid says - "we want to change politics and change Britain".

That could have been said by any of the three leaders.

He'll have to do better than that ....

But even more important is the washing out of experience and breadth in British politics by the career paths available to those who tread them their whole lives.

Man in a Shed is starting to wonder about term limits ....

Update: The Cleggoid is officially from another planet. How can we tell ? Well he's just told the PM programme he's never heard of The Pogues "fairytale of New York" - which means he must have been off planet at the time, because everyone else did.

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John Trenchard said...

he's up to his neck in EU as well,

have a read of his bio on wikipedia

The "colleagues" in Brussels will be pleased.