Sunday, December 16, 2007

The NHS will fight for soviet socialism to the last drop of your blood !

The following story from the Times is almost too incredible to believe.

The visceral hatred of the human condition that socialism produces is shown in is vicious true nature.

A woman is being threatened with no treatment for her cancer (aka a death sentence ) if she is middle class enough as to want to live badly enough to pay for a drug the NHS won't provide.

The soviet NHS approach of her hospital trust is that if she does that she must pay for all of her treatment ( which let us not forget she has paid for already through the national taxation system and its effective insurance policy ).

Now if that treatment meant the NHS incurred more costs I can see the point of her being asked to pay those, but it doesn't seem to. The sacred issue here is not her life, but the fairness.

There is the issue of the patient in the next bed - with the same condition but less money. How will they feel watching the person next to them live if they head in the other direction due to not being able to purchase drugs ? Its an issue - but it surely doesn't justify reducing people's chances of life !

She must die so that other don't say its unfair.

Don't get me wrong there is a real issue about the limits on care available through the NHS ( mind you the waste in the NHS is truly massive with the failure of Gordon Brown to get good value for the large amount of our money he pored into the NHS. no doubt a very large number of people have died as a result of Labour failure to lead and manage the NHS effectively).

Given the fuss left wing guardianistas make about executing criminals in places like the USA and China - they seem to quite happy to condemn their fellow citizens to death for reasons of politics.

Update The Adam Smith Institute blog takes a similar line - blaming the government and suggesting the move is illegal anyway.


old and angry said...

I would like to string Brown and his partners in crime from the nearest lamp post.
And all the invisible members of NICE with him!

thoughful ape said...

I wrote about this atrocity on my own blog, taking a similiar line to yourself

One of the most sickening things I have read in a long time

Dark_Heretic said...

This is an absolute disgrace and all involved ought to publically flogged.

I thought we had a stupid piece of legislation called the Human Rights Act or does it only apply to asylum seekers and criminals?

So what if she wants to pay for her drugs? If she can then good for her. Surely if she pays for her drugs it means that someone else will be able to get some drugs as there's some more money in the pot? Or doesn't it work like that at NICE?