Wednesday, November 14, 2007

When did Gordon Brown know ?

David Cameron has just asked Gordon Brown three times in PMQs when he knew about the problem of illegal immigrants working in security firms.

Three times Gordon Brown has made the incredible reply that his government is interested in action not press releases. ( Of course the leak that forced Jacqui Smith to report this to the commons shows that presentation was the issue that stopped them reporting the issue. They are just lying.)

They are morally bankrupt and unfit to run our country.


Anonymous said...

Funny really isn't it? The UK gov't make comments about terrorists and yet they deliberately allow in anonymous people. People who could be terrorists! Corrupt is as corrupt does! And, they won't leave gov't! They refuse to go! They go against everything that's been built up over centuries! Where it will all end is anyone's guess, but come crook or high hook these filth have to go one way or the other!

Baron Higham-West said...

We know your last line is right and in previous years it would be enough to bring down a government.

Now the impunity worries me greatly. I and others have been saying that they know there is to be a paradigm shift soon and thus they don't care.