Thursday, November 15, 2007

England lie back and think of Britain - no chance

The lazy Unionists are now slowly waking up to the vandalism that the Celtic Labour and Lib Dem parties have done to the United Kingdom ( lets remember the Lib Dems were as much involved as New Labour in all this.)

You can tell they are just waking - as their arguments are so lame and dated.

Worry about what the loss of Scotland would mean ( completely wet article in the Guardian here - via CEP Blog ).

Suggest thinking of England and worrying about unfair Scottish advantage is racist - in the Daily Telegraph ( yes really ).

The slow constitutional car crash that Tony Blair, Donald Dewar and Gordon Brown started has entered the bit where the screeching of tyres has given way to the crunching of metal. It was all easily foreseen - but they put party before the country.

The answer is apparently for the English to allow themselves to be victimised, broken up and robbed by the new MacLabour constitution. Anything to keep the Labour party in power - and they will do almost anything.

Asking the English to lie back - forget about justice and national self determination - and think of Britain ( when no one else is ! ) is objectionable, insulting and ultimately futile.

The English people have rumbled it. See Tommy English's post here on what Sun Readers think.

If the Union is to be saved a positive case must be made for it. Bribery of the Scots and Welsh by the English is a negative case that all three nations will reject for their own reasons.

I want to hear why the Union should be saved. If the message isn't positive and doesn't recognise England on an equal footing with the other home nations then the Union is doomed.


Tony said...

The Union should be saved. But England must be treated with equality within the Union. Better to have a federal Britain than a federal Europe.

Man in a Shed said...

Despite my tone I am still a Unionist, however I recognise that the negative arguments which are being employed to keep the Union will ultimately be self defeating. As will any underlying in justice.

We need a new, positive vision of a future United Kingdom.

Britain worked okay until Labour exploited the poll tax and devolution debates in their desperation for power. Now those mistakes have come back to haunt all of us.

The argument will ultimately be won by those with a positive vision of the future to lead our nations towards. ( For the avoidance of doubt that doesn't include the EU ).

Anonymous said...

It is now too late to save the union. There cannot over a medium time period be individual parliaments/assemblies for 3 of the 4 countries in a ""union"". It is not now an equal union. The Scots now say there will be no council tax rises next year but in England there certainly will be. There are many inequalities and the English will one day realise that they are the paymasters and at the same time the losers. He who pays the piper will eventually call the tune and the tune will be separation.

Anonymous said...

England does not want or really need its own 'parly' what it really wants and needs is to reclaim Westminster.