Friday, April 20, 2007

If the Union is to be saved then there must be a good reason for it.

The debate about the future of the political union of the United Kingdom is being mostly conducted - as with much else about UK policy, by the Scots for the Scots.

However I find many of the arguments put forward for preserving the Union depressing. They seem to be based on economic advantage. Its like a child of divorced parents deciding which parent to live with on the basis of whom will give them the larger allowance. Where is the love in that ?

If it really just comes down to economics then when should go a separate ways - regardless of which way the advantage runs ( for the record I believe the Scots have got a fantastic deal - at the expense of most of England - the South who paid and the North which missed out on funds that they could otherwise have used ).

But there are good reasons for the Union. I personally have a Scottish wife and have a very high regard for Scotland and its people. We work very well together. We are family and until very recently no one in England would have thought twice about helping out Scots in need or trouble.

Though having lived in Scotland for a number of years I note that that view is not reciprocated. As an example: it continues to annoy and insult me that the Scottish Royal Legion makes it clear that its poppies are only for Scottish servicemen. In England they are for the British. Maybe the money is only spent in England and Wales, but nobody here knows that - and they would be quite happy to see the money spent in Scotland. This suggests to me that the Scots need to think hard about if they belong in the Union. Where is the love ? Its just show me the money right now.

The challenge for those who would keep the Union for the next 300 years is:

  • What are the positive reasons for continuing this marriage between nations ?( just looking at the bank balance and deciding you can't afford to walk out is not enough ).
  • If devolution isn't rolled back then England and the English must have the same rights as a nation ( not to be balkanised by Celtic politicians and their English quislings ). That, David Cameron, means the re-establishment of an English Parliament and proper recognition of the English Nation.
For my part I would like the Union to continue. I was happy before devolution, but I'm not going to put up with the victimisation and contempt that Celtic Labour politicians now have for England with their biased devolution and economic settlement.

PS I don't think independence is actually on offer to Scotland - despite what the SNP says - its really chose your Union - the UK or European Union. Scotland will make few of the important decisions itself under either arrangement as it is too small a country.

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Tom Paine said...

The United Kingdom is the EU Member State. If Scotland leaves the UK, it leaves the EU and "the United Kingdom of England, Wales and Northern Ireland" should veto any attempt by Scotland to join until it has demonstrated that it can be a stable, viable country for 50 years or so.