Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tony crony gets plush job in Australia but screws up !

So another Tony Crony - Helen Liddell - who gets a plush government job based on little relevant talent (lots of BBC Labour party / left wing stuff on her CV ) . ( Remember she did the Scottish secretary non-job a while ago - her state funded pension and benefits must be massive -lots of money for her, I bet she never thought she'd be able to grab so much for herself when she started here career in left wing politics).

What's worse she can't even do the job properly. Directly contradicting her government and embarrassing the leader of one of our main allies by declaring that Iraq was not part of the "War on Terror" see next ( though you should note he's not of her political persuasion and no doubt Ms Liddell has found it hard to give up politics - even though her job which she somehow wangled demands it ).

    HELEN LIDDELL: We have never seen Iraq as part of the war on terrorism, certainly at the moment we are engaged in a war on the streets in Afghanistan, in Iraq against terrorism but our raison d'etre for our involvement in Iraq has not been about terrorism.

She should be recalled and sacked - only we have a half dead government here in the UK which lacks all ability to control itself and function in the paralysis of trying to stop Gordon Brown becoming leader of the Labour party and temporary Prime Minister.

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