Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Did HMS Cornwall have its eye off the ball ?

Read Robert Fox over at the First Post who is suggesting that the crew of HMS Cornwall were distracted by performing for the media and may even have had their radar switched off ! ( Since you can get radar detectors for cars - its not unreasonable to expect the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to spot such things - perhaps it even gave them the opportunity. If any of these allergations are true then heads will have to roll.

Slowly but surely the pieces are starting to fall together. Shouldn't Sky News (the media outfit being entertained by the Navy at the time) have been the ones breaking this -why haven't they ?

It stinks.


james higham said...

Yes, that's an interesting one about Sky News. The scoop was there for the taking.

Eric said...

It is all very smelly indeed. If the helicopter ferried a BBC crew to the suspect vessel before the 15 were abducted, even more so, as it all sounds like we were caught with our pants down making propoganda.

To give him credit Browne is promising a Board of Inquiry though - at least that's what he appears to have said . . .