Wednesday, April 18, 2007

So where is the Carrier announcement then Gordon ?

Things are getting desperate in Northern Britain for the Labour party. Must be time to remind their suckers voters up north of the money that a pension destroying, English taxing, Scots socialist government can deliver.

Time for the Carrier announcement and jobs to go to Rosyth and Govan. Though I would expect this to be seen as the bribe it is.

Strategically no work should be done in Scotland - as part of the reason for the work is to maintane strategic capability - and what's the point in that somewhere which may be another country soon -and a pacifist / supine one at that.

And MiaS bets the announcement will be before May 3rd, though it may be such a blatant bribe that it could be considered counter productive. But that didn't stop NuLabour spending our money on its re-election campaign with the Rover group did it ?

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