Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Miliband has no balls - according to the BBC

The leader after next - David Miliband - has somehow led the BBC to announce he's not standing for the leadership of the SS Labour Party, as it steams full speed towards to ice berg of the May elections.

The BBC love Mr Miliband even more now - and have a wonderful grinning picture on their web site.

The much maligned Nick Robinson ( including by myself a while ago ) spots the wrigle room. Could it all be spin ?

Why do we even wonder ?

Only a idiot and/or a Labour party supporter could believe Miliband hasn't been eyeing up the top job. MiaS spotted his campaigning earlier on. If he wanted to crush speculation getting your mates at the BBC to give you lots of headline grabbing publicity isn't the way to do it.

So perhaps he's got the balls and the brains after all....

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