Monday, March 19, 2007

Has David Miliband started running ?

Just received the following from NuLabour HQ (with minor annotations and comment from MiaS) - and given the same trick was used by Hazel Blears to get her deputy leadership campaign going Man in a Shed wonders if ....

It's David Miliband here - Labour's environment secretary.[ In case you've no idea who I am - and need to vote for me soon]

I wanted to drop you [a hint] a line about the draft bill on climate change and Government's climate change strategy that Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and I published yesterday [ see were all on the same level - Tony before Gordon also]. Climate change is one of the biggest issues today and it needs our values of internationalism and belief in social justice.

The debate on climate change has shifted from whether we need to act to how much we need to do by when [eh - no it hasn't David - perhaps you should have worked harder at School then you won't just have a 'D' in A Levels physics to make these sort is mistakes with ], and the economic implications of doing so. The time is therefore right for the introduction of a strong legal framework in the UK for tackling climate change. The draft Climate Change Bill is the first of its kind for any country[ MiaS will give credit where credit is due - to David Cameron here ].

The Government has shown consistent leadership in the field of climate change by setting bold targets and pursuing ambitious policies [but delivering raising CO2 emmissions - not that I mind that much] . We are committed to securing a strong multilateral agreement beyond 2012, and within the EU, we are pushing hard for ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets, and to move to a low-carbon economy over time. At home, we have already shown progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and are set to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by nearly double our Kyoto target.

In summary the Bill:
· makes challenging carbon dioxide reductions targets for 2020 and 2050 legally binding;[ When we will all be enjoying our generous state funded pensions and won't be responsible for the mess that results from these decisions.]
· introduces a system of 'carbon budgeting' capping emissions over five-year periods;
· creates a new independent body to advise on the setting of carbon budgets and to report on Government progress;[ Yes - the climate needs more committees !]
· contains enabling powers to make future policies to control emissions quicker and easier to introduce; and

· introduces a new system of Government reporting to Parliament including on climate change adaptation policies. [ MiaS predicts this will never last more than 2 years ]

[And gets me a last chance to address all of you potential party voters members before the leadership election.]

Taken together these measures create a coherent framework that [I get a higher profile] will ensure we achieve reductions in emissions [well no they won't] whilst maintaining a strong and growing economy and high levels of social welfare [losing jobs and ruining the economy helps here how ? And don't bother with that leading the low carbon economy bullshit stuff - that's just "The White Heat of TEchnology" rebranded green. It was dishonest then - its a down right lie now ].

Yours truly, [Vote for !]

David Miliband
Environment Secretary

ps if you'd like to ask me a question about the Climate Change Bill click here>>.I'll be answering your questions via podcast interview on 20 March so make sure you visit to hear my response. [Sorry links removed to avoid NuLabour tracking]

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james higham said...

Droll, Man in a a Shed ... but nonetheless clever.