Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Queen's speech by

During the last elections Man in a Shed had a sudden undergraduate type urge to set up a Blog and sign up to the Labour Party's supporters network to directly post onto that blog. So we could all enjoy their communications to their dwindeling supporters. But he held back at the last moment - thinking perhaps this was too much of a prank. So he didn't click on the final part of the process and for a long time no emails appeared (just as it should be).

But Hazel appears to be desperate - and has started sending out emails to people who never agreed to recieve them ( its called spamming ). So as far as I'm concerned they're fair game.

Looking though the email I notice that all of the links have a lot of code on them. It may mean they are trying to track who responds and to weed out the unreliable people - like Man in a Shed.

So here goes ....

Opportunity and security for all (but especially for Hazel)
Today we announced the priorities for government and have shown we are taking the right long-term decisions for the future of our country.[Unlike the last 9 years] This evening, Labour ministers will answer questions directly from members of the public.[Now they've had so much practice with Yates of the yard it'll be easy]

To submit your question click here[sorry had to remove this link as Labour may mointor who submits questions and bloke them off - you remeber how they treate pensioners at party conferences who say things they don't want to hear. Its not a straight forward URL] or text 'TALK' to 62233[then they'll have your phone number].

Our Queen's Speech is ambitious and bold[Really we still expect you to buy this - your after all gullable enough to be on the Labour suckers supporters network]. It outlines a programme for government which will build on our successes[so that won't take long], create opportunities[for us], enhance our security[job security you understand - by removing your liberty], and take the tough decisions in the interests of our
party's country's long-term future. Take our measures to tackle climate change[We'll be well out of office by the time you realise we were lying - I mean come on even Rory Bremner knows CO2 emmissions have been raising fast under Labour], or the tough action we are taking to tackle anti-social behaviour and crime[to making the Lib Dems look weak], or our proposals to reform pensions [by giving ourselves supper tacx payer funded final salary schemes and civil servants retiring at 60] linking them to earnings [in 2012 - we know you're too thick to realise this means your being done - after all you support us !] and ensure that millions more women will receive a full state pension [like me !].

This is a programme in tune with our values [yep - can't fault that], and in touch with the aspirations of the decent majority of [Labour party hangers on and think tank workers who hope to become rich as MPs in the future] hard-working people in Britain today [whom will, unlike us, be paying for all this].

To read more about the Queen's Speech, click here [Labour Statsi type link again I'm afraid].

Our 'Let's Talk' programme is about making sure that we are constantly listening to the public [this statement is just beyond parady] - building on the success of the last ten years but also refocusing today's challenges by extending opportunity and security in a changing world.
So it is important that you take part. Tell us what you think about our ideas and what we should be prioritising.
To submit your question click here or text 'TALK' to 62233*.
I and my ministerial colleagues are looking forward to hearing from you.
[Did I mention we are desperately short of members and may have to fund a rather large bill for over spend ourselves - and that other options are a bit difficult with Scotland yard snopping about]
Yours sincerely

p.s Being a member of a political party means a lot and in the coming months our members will be asked to elect a new Leader and Deputy Leader for the Labour Party [Please associate my name with deputy leader - sometime soon], and, for the first time in history, the next Prime Minister[ Don't tell Gorbels Mick]. Never before has the membership of any political party had such power to shape the future of British politics[I have blocked the memory of Mrs Thatcher from my mind], nor such a responsibility to the people of Britain, and the history of our movement. It is a responsibility and a privilege [for those drawing ministerial salaries which they would never come near to earning in the outside world]. We want as many members as possible [see funding criscis above] to take part in this historic election - this is your time, your opportunity. So, if you are not already a member of the Labour Party you can join by clicking here[Sorry another Stasi Link - Man in a Shed doesn't want to wake up in the morning to discover he's been joined up to the Labour Party !].

To unsubscribe please click here and tick the unsubscribe box at the bottom of the page. Privacy: we won't pass on your email address to anyone else. See Reproduced from an email not sent by the Labour Party, promoted by Peter Watt, General Secretary, the Labour Party, on behalf of the Labour Party, both at 39 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0HA.

This email does not imply that an peerages, honours or quango jobs will be given - that can be traced.

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