Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Its not home work - its parent work

My 7 & 5 year old kids come home with 'home work' already. Only its not straight forward. It reading chapters of books, playing math games (some of which are wrong), doing number bonds( yep you heard right - times tables come latter - only everything is now in multiples of 10).

The exact requirements have to be acquired through interrogation techniques, threats ( no playing on the computer unless etc ), and rummaging through there bags for tell signs like spelling books, word lists and word tins.

But the real killer is that its parent supervised home work - aka teaching.

Our lives are busy - and we never had this home work when we were that young. Effectively the government - via the school is forcing us to home educate.

I'm amazed this isn't more of a national issue. I never liked home work the first time around - getting roped into your kids is just depressing. ( Especially when the actually know some of it better than me anyway !)

Wait to the daughter of Guido gets to school - then the world will know about it.

2/10 Must try harder.

Update: Just successfully side steps tonight's home work torture by offering to cook kids tea - its easier, trust me. (Wife has just made first threat to ban the computer - they're playing a 'maths game' - ie one person wins, the other cries. Its going to end badly ).

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Anonymous said...

My husband did our son's art homework last week and was most disappointed to get a C for his picture of an apple.