Monday, April 16, 2007

To see ourselves as other see us

Read Mark Styen over at the Chicago Sun-Times.

Lets be clear here - because of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown under equipping the Royal Navy and allowing for its humiliation our standing in the world has dropped considerably.

Those of us who work and travel in the middle east are now all at more risk and the likelihood that Iran will try something bolder on the Royal Navy ( why not capture a whole ship ? ) goes up.

What would the Cornwall's response have been to sea skimming missiles ? To avoid escalating the situation perhaps ?

The 15 British military personnel behaved in the bare minimum of what could be expected. They certainly did not distinguish themselves. No one in the Arab world is going to fear the likes of them.

And no fear means no respect - which in the current circumstances is very serious indeed. As no doubt Iran intended.

I don't really blame Des Browne - the media fiasco in a minor footnote - skilfully used by Blair and Brown to deflect from the urgent failure of their military and defence policy.

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