Monday, April 16, 2007

So what really happened to Tim Montgomerie at 18DS ?

So Tim Montgomerie has left 18DS and the channel is to move to the centre. Doesn't sound quite right does it ?

Is the press release the real story here ? Is the centre right about to lose its voice just as it was finding it ?
See what happens when you leave the country for a week....

Can't find any mention of this over at Iain Dale's blog - Dizzy thinks has comment here. I kind of think the lack of comment by Iain tells its own story ( he is quoted on the 18DS press release.)

So far Guido is one of the better sources of news here .

I'm amazed how little there is on this in the blogshere.


dizzy said...

Re: Iain not making a comment. I don't think that's particularly fair. When it was announced on the 18DS website I emailed straight away for a quote and had on in a matter of minutes.

That evening on Doughty Street I brought the subject up as well and Iain went into detail at length about the announcement on air.

Man in a shed said...

But I'm still none the wiser. As I said I've been out of the country for a week and would expect a search on ( that gives your post on the subject ) or a search of Iain's blog to turn something up. It didn't.

Tell me which prog of 18DS has the comments on and I'll try and watch it tonight.

It may not be fair - I'm not trying to be fair. I'm trying to understand what has happened.

My worry is that 18DS that to me promised to feed the foundations of the centre right in Britain is changing into something else. It has every right to of course - I only sent one small donation.

Perhaps its all obvious and straight forward. But I have yet to be convinced.

Mary Hinge said...

Or perhaps people realise just how few "viewers" this self indulgent vanity broadcasting has?

Man in a shed said...

Does anybody know what the viewing figures really are ? The 18DS business model has yet to become apparent.

It may be necessary for 18DS to change tack to up ratings - but I for one will miss the particular view point.

However, I think vanity broadcasting is the wrong term. On the internet you read and view what you like - or not as the case may be. Thanks to tracking tools those of us who have sites know how often they are viewed and have some idea of by whom.