Friday, April 20, 2007

How many of the 190,000 children killed by abortions in the UK each year are born alive ?

Now the use of the word child instead of foetus may seem very provocative. And well - it was meant to be.

A survey reported by the BBC suggests that 1 in 30 of abortions carried out for medical reasons on 20-24 week pregnancies results in a live birth ( aka a child ). The doctor is by law required to terminate (aka kill) the child before birth.

It makes me think of all those official foetuses at 20-24 weeks as really being children.

The question that is being asked is what is the incidence in the many abortions carried out for life style choices ? If its one in thirty then how many of the 190,000 does that represent ? ( I'm guessing that most abortions happen before 20 weeks so the number may not be as high as you might initially think ).

You have to wonder what is going on, and what the pro-lifestyle choice groups are hiding from us.

By the way each time you here a government minister telling us we need mass immigration - remember the 190,000 per year of our potential citizens who are never to get the chances of life.

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billy said...

In 1971 I was an ambulanceman. I was sent to a house where a young women had naturally aborted her foetus into a bucket.
Besides the great gobs of blood the size of cow livers everywhere the image that has stuck with me was the perfect form of the baby. It even had fingernails. It was a human being.
I am convinced that there is some need for some abortions but that all abortion is murder.