Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A gov. of all the talents ? So where's the talent Gordon ?

Now that Jacqui Smith has confirmed that first impressions can sometimes be spot on and Gordon is falling in the polls it must be time for a reshuffle.

How long must Gordon leave it to avoid the perception of panic ? If he leaves it too long the lack of talent at the top is going to kill his government.

Minsters due to spend more time with their families ( or motor racing ) are:

    Jacqui Smith - just what would you let her run ? A Fish supper shop ? Core competence sounding and looking like your best mates Mum.
    Alastair Darling - run on Northern Rock ( not over yet - the private banks would like a £2 billion bung to get the embarrassment of Northern Rock of the table), Barnett formula, Edinburgh gets a tram ( his constituency) when no one else does.
    Des Browne - navy iPod, defence equipment fiascos [take you pick], mistreatment of wounded service personnel, failure of service logistics, equipment failure, failure to secure an adequate budget for the two wars being fought right now.

PS Lord West ( one of the outside 'Talent' has just been slapped down by Gordon Brown - according to the Telegraph - for trying to do his job objectively and not backing Gordon's plans to use legislation for political campaigning - so perhaps he'll have more time for his retirement soon also ).

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