Monday, November 19, 2007

What do some Scottish Labour MP have against the English ?

What do some Scottish Labour MP have against the English ?

I ask the question as The Scotsman reports today that some Labour MPs north of Berwick-upon-Tweed are calling for English regional assemblies. ( See here. )

Yet again we have Scottish politicians calculating what must be done to the English for their own political advantage.

Why are they unable to grasp the idea that the English should be able to have the national, legislative and executive forms of government that they choose themselves ?

My guess is because they realise they will lose out through influence and in terms of the tax payer money sent to Scotland once genuine English politics emerges.

MacLabour should remember that they started all this with their unbalanced devolution measures.

PS The whinging about anti-Scottish sentiment is really a bit rich coming from north of the border. The English actually like the Scots. The shock from devolution and the follow up publicity has been the realisation that its not reciprocated. ( See numerous football World cup press articles and the Newsnight car for examples.)

I'll say it again. I like and admire the Scots; I've married one and my children are half Scottish. None of this prevents me from wanting justice for the English nation and wanting to stop the regional balkanisation that the Labour party would like to impose on England.

Incidentally also note what Michael Connarty, the Labour MP for Linlithgow and East Falkirk says:

    "One issue which is causing a great deal of unhappiness is the Barnett Formula; we cannot get away from that. In education, the disparity between what some authorities in the south-east of England get and what Scottish authorities get can be as much as £1,500 per pupil."

I hadn't realised it was that bad !

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Lord Jerk-Higham said...

What they have against the English, MiaShed, is that they don't recognize England as an entity and this has been shown in Bukovsky's interview and in Middleton's recent outings. Milliband's recent comments on the EU army are a case in point. What was England is most certainly not seen as such by Brown, as I pointed out and linked, as he is promoting the 12 regions of the former UK.

This question in your post here, an excellent question, has to be seen in the light of that.