Saturday, October 13, 2007

Shameless Brown - now its marriage

There can be no mistaking the cynical strategy of Gordon Brown towards the Conservative party.

Today we hear that the tax system should support married couples. This is an area the Conservatives have identified, and persuaded at some risk to themselves due to the media's rapid "back to basics" jibe.

On the positive side - since good will come of such measures - it is good to see them being considered.

But the negative and shameless nature of the Labour party is now on show in full view.

In general there are no principles that a New Labour minister holds that he/she wouldn't trade in for a few more years use of the ministerial car. ( There have been a few exceptions here like Robin Cook, but they are too few to bother about).

Gordon's cynical calculation is that if he removes all the policy ideas of the Conservative party then he can then bully the public into voting for him on the basis of his rantathons on the economy etc...

This is a man who only believes in his own importance.

Update - Apparently Shameless was IDS's response to this news - see a column by Janet Daley in Monday's Telegraph.


carol42 said...

I think this is crazy though of course I will gladly take any benefits having been robbed for the past ten years as a middle income earner. Surely anyone with a modicum of common sense sees throught it and will vote for the real thing and the Party which actually believes in lower taxes and a smaller State.

Sir Philip Johnston-Higham said...

The EU policy is anti-marriage. Brown is one of the head honchos in the RDA/ Common Purpose biz from 2010. Therefore it is another example of his spiffing little game with the people of England and other nations.

Or is that "spitting"? On us.

Anonymous said...

Given that the Socialists have redefined marriage as almost any old "relationship" between "two people", Cameron's own defence of marriage is welcome but hardly reactionary. Cameron himself is behind the gay agenda 100%, so however much he supports marriage through the tax system won't make a huge amount of difference to the moral health of the nation.

But seriously, this is Sunday 'papers, NuLab Newspeak news. No one's heard of this little twerp before and no one will remember him come tomorrow morning.