Monday, October 15, 2007

Brown misreads the opportunity of the rugby world cup final

Margaret Thatcher was never popular in Scotland. Perhaps she should have been, but it didn't happen and her opponents managed to create an image out of nationalism and socialism that was built around rejecting her.

One of the key moments of this was when she attended a SFA cup final and was given a rough reception by the crowd. ( I can't remember if that was before or after the "We in Scotland" gaff she also made). Anyway the attendance at the final was poorly advised.

Now Gordon Brown is to attend the world cup final to support England. The crowd are unlikely to be that welcoming to him. As its rugby there will be no booing or banter, just quiet resentment.

Rugby is the game of the English, mostly Southern, middle classes. Labour would do better that a Rugby League match - they even have a Great Britain team.

The English people attending will be the ones who Gordon has fleeced with his stealth taxes, oppressed with the Barnett formula and treated like worthless idiots with his devolution.

Many will be from the part of England where public services like the NHS are near breaking point and the council tax is a form of political oppression on areas of the country that do not vote Labour.

He would be wise to miss this photo opportunity - as he won't be forgiven in Scotland either for it.

If David Cameron is smart he'll be in the crowd.

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