Monday, October 15, 2007

Will the Lib Dems do what Gordon has told them ?

By saying there would be no election in 2008 Gordon Brown was telling the Lib Dems to replace Ming Campbell.

He used the threat of an election to try to destabilise the Conservatives and now he's using the election date to undermine the Lib Dems leader.

Why does Gordon want his old friend Ming out ? He needs the Lib Dems as his agrarian party in the South of England, to support his Celtic Socialist Labour party else where.

But again perhaps Gordon should be careful what he wishes for.

Nick Clegg is the most likely winner ( unless the Lib Dems fancy suicide with Chris Hulme - and don't let me stop them ).

Indeed, if you get rid of all the false party bravado that you can here when you suggest this, Nick Clegg would make a reasonable Conservative MP.

The problem for the Lib Dems is not their leadership - though its does suck right now - but what is the point of the party. Its an alliance of the Social Democrats ( Chat show Charlie etc ) and the Liberals (who really should have been with Mrs T, but botched the moment). They have different instincts. In short David Owen was right - they should have stayed at 2 parties. Instead they are a confusing bunch of hobbyists with no clear underpinning of principle.

Perhaps the Lib Dems should really consider winding up their party - after all what's the point of the Lib Dems ?

Update: Rumours of Ming falling on his sword on the BBC a few mins ago. Perhaps he's going to do a Charlie instead, but I doubt it. The Lib Dems have left him in little doubt where they stand. Surely he's toast now - and Gordon Brown has done the toasting ....

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