Thursday, August 02, 2007

Beneath the spin - something lurks in the water

Must get more work done today - so I'll just pass you on to two articles and a post today and leave you with this questions;

What is really going on beneath the spin with Gordon Brown ?

Article 1: The Prime Minister with no reverse gear - Richard Ehrman (The First Post)
Article 2: Now it's spin with a puritanical twist - Alice Thomson (The Daily Telegraph)
Arctile 3: Issues Rather Than Personalities? - Iain Dale (his blog)

Can you spot a developing theme here ?

Update: Tony Sharp can - as you can see here .....
Even the Lib Dem bloggers think Gordon Brown is getting an easy ride in the press - see Andy here. (He reads the Guardian - so you don't have to ! )


Andy said...

Erm... thanks for the link, but my blog is not actually written by Lawrence Miles, it is written by me. I simply have a quote from Lawrence Miles in the sidebar.

...which I will clarify now!

Man in a shed said...

That was quick Andy - I'll make to appropriate changes.


Andy said...