Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"The middle classes are becoming the new whipping boys for 'New Labour'"

The post headline is a quote from Peter Morris, chairman of the Professional Association of Teachers in Wales in an article by Graeme Paton in today's Daily Telegraph.

The great irony here is that the more the NuLabour government - lead by the arch interferer Gordon Brown - mess up education by fixing admission by asking which way daddy and mummy voted what a candidates parents achieved - the more education will become worthless.

Privilege will allow people to get their children internships in big companies ( like Tony Blair's son Euan gets ), whilst the talented, but without contacts, will be left on the scrap heap with no means of advancement.

The Grammar school row damaged the Conservative party - but it also showed how incendury government destruction of peoples children's futures is. Right now the Labour government is creating a bonfire for of the hopes of many capable children - many from working or middle class backgrounds - for the sake of their own political spite. The public will hate them for it - if we can explain what is going on !


Alfie said...

And that really is the problem - getting the message out tthere that New Labour are a rubbish party obsessed, really obsessed with staying in power at any price. They do not regard themselves as the servants of the people - they regard themselves as the inheritor of Harold Wilson's utterance in the '60's that Labour are the natural party of government.

They lie, they spin, they blackmail like no other party in power have ever done. They could teach Lloyd George a thing or two about cash for honours - because they've got away with it! They strong arm the media generally and the BBC in particular into doing whatever they want. Back room deals with multinationals, press moguls and party donors are selling the real estate and infrastructure of this country (England) straight down the river.

They do all this - and STILL they increase their popularity margins over the Tories...

Cameron has got to get down and dirty right now! He has to start banging on about the NO MANDATE aspect of Brown's Premiership - otherwise, the Tories are gonna get completely swamped in the next election - and England will get terminally shafted......

If New Labour win the next election then that will be that as far as I am concerned - England will be lost forever - Cameron will get the boot and yet again, 'The Opposition' will be left to a few grassrooters not cowed by agendas, pr bull or career preoccupations.

We'll be a collection of regional banana republics without the bananas - or the balls to show New Labour the door......

Rachel Joyce said...

Alfie makes some good points.
I just blogged on exactly the same issue - slightly different angle. Clearly great minds think alike!