Thursday, July 26, 2007

Why isn't Labour interested in power ?

No that may seem an odd line - but I have a point, so here we go:

Most of our legislation is in effect determined in Europe. During the last election the Conservatives were told some of their polices would be illegal on immigration - because of the European Union.

I've heard it said that over 80% of our legislation is determined by the EU. So why is Labour and Gordon Brown pushing the - its not a constitution line. Everyone knows that it is - foreign governments say so openly. There is strong doubt that any of Tony Blair's so called red lines actually hold.

So what's in it for the Labour party ? They devolve much of the power in their heartlands to the Nationalists. They give away much of the remainder to the new European Empire (EU). Apart from all the ministerial limoseanes and having their egos stroked - what's the point ?

It won't be long before tax and defence become taken over by the EU.

They know this as well as everyone else does - so what their motivation ? They must have one - and it worries me that I'm not sure what it is.


mexicano said...

Your point is a valid and important one. The simple reason is that they are motivated primarily by a hatred of the status quo (the UK parliament, its monarchy, its liberty and the rule of law, etc) and their primary objective is to destroy it no matter what the cost. Everything else is subsidiary to this goal.

Having said that, many of them expect to retain power in some shape or form in the aftermath - either as well-paid bureaucrats or enforcers or politicians, etc.

C4' said...

This might ansewer your question.