Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Newsnight needs to check its facts: Ethiopia is a Christian country.

Just watching a Newsnight special (BBC news prog) on Islam.

Quick point on their map: Ethiopia is primarily a Christian country and Nigeria is equally split (it might have an Islamic majority).

Its a shame that a prog trying to provide insight can't get its basic geography right.

No doubt the Ethiopian embassey will be in touch.

Update: The CIA relgious demographic figures are contested and there seem to be different views. See the discussion on Wikipedia here

It is possible that as the government of Ethiopia is dominated by Christians that the Muslim population is underestimated. But either way it is clearly in doubt. Since the worlds largest Muslim country ( by population ) is India the News night map is still rather odd, contentious and still probably wrong.


Anonymous said...

You dead wrong.actually etyhiopiaIS A MAJORITY MUSLIM COUNTRY. I know you are trying a pschological boost to someone. I lived in Ethiopia and I know the country in and out. Did you get the chance the Cia factbook befor it was updated it puts the muslims to over 45% .What happens between then and now only CIA knows. mor e info, go visit the country you will find out.

Man in a shed said...

Anon - interestingly a wider web search is inconclusive - but does cast doubt on the CIA factbook number. I shall have to look around further. Thanks for your input.

Anonymous said...