Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Gordon Brown announces Conservative policies on security

He's making a statement in the house right now. His announcement includes:

    Unified border forced
    A review of using telephone intercept information
    Post charge questioning

He's pushing the extra detention argument again - but just quotes from Lord Carlyle. Bring us the evidence Gordon - and we might listen to you. Personally I think this is the wedge issue he';s using for party political purposes to gain advantage.

Personally I'm not that bothered with him taking Conservative policies in this area as they were based on common sense not political philosophy. Though he might say thank you ( maybe that's why he's wearing a blue tie. )

There's much more to this announcement - it will take some digesting no doubt. With Gordon Brown its not what he announces - but what's in the small print you need to watch.

He just suggested sponsoring English speaking Imans - so the Church of England is out, Islam is getting state funding. Right....

PS David Cameron good at PMQ - but its a sticky wicket when there are a number of easy quotes for GB to throw back at him.


David Cameron's answer is very effective and detailed. He sounds authoritative and has a comprehensive grasp of the details. He's just having a go at the European Charter of human rights right now. He's just asking Gordon Brown to thank his party for all the policies that he's adopted from the Conservatives - nice. Will Gordon say thank you ?

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