Monday, July 16, 2007

Do you think Gordon Brown went into politics to run education only in England ?

Just reading an article on how 'A' level standards have slipped over time, according to Gordon Brown's new education advisor, on the BBC site here, when the following phrase jumped out at me:

    "Sir Peter was recently unveiled by the government as the academic who would lead a review into primary maths - a centrepiece of the incoming prime minister's plans to raise school standards in England."

Just think about what is being said there ( though of course the BBC doesn't emphasise the issue ) - Gordon Brown is running the education system in England only.

Do you think he got into politics to do that ? If Mr Brown really thinks Education, Health and Housing are the priorities for his constituents then he's in the wrong parliament.

This point just doesn't seem to come across in the MSM right now.

Now that the outcome of the next election looks more in doubt - the few moves the BBC have recently made to admit to their internal liberal-leftist bias will now not seem so urgent - as the threat of surviving a Conservative government may appear to recede. They are unlikely to give the people of England a voice that contradicts their new masters. ( Especially when most of the BBC staff will no doubt vote for them anyway.)

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