Monday, July 16, 2007

English nurses are worth less than Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish nurses !

The normally reasonable and placid RCN is balloting on strike action. Why ? Because Nurses in England will get an effective pay rise of 1.9% ( thanks to a Brownian slight of hand giving a two stage award ) compared to the 2.5% .

The devolved governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have all given the pay rise immediately - after all they have lots of spare cash from their subsidies from the English tax payers.

The effective First Minister of England ( Vidkun Quisling Gordon Brown - MP for Kircaldy Scotland ) in his last and current roles has said it can't happen for England.

Can anybody spot the usual conflict of interest here ?

Also the nurses - like everyone else - should not fall for the new Gordon Brown stealth version of inflation at 2.5% - its really nearer 5% - so we're only discussing how big a pay cut English nurses deserve. ( And of course most of those who have just qualified as Nurses can't find jobs anyway - thanks to the Stalinist planning of the current Labour government.)


Rachel Joyce said...

English Healthcare - planned by a Scotsman, voted for by Scots MPs, underfunded compared to scotland.
Nurses are one thing, but what about the cancer drugs that are funded in Scotland but not England?

ken from glos said...

The English have been shafted by the Barnett formula for 28 years and are, at last, waking up to it!!

If only the Tories would start to push it . They wont of vourse because it would make them look nasty!I despair.