Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Harry not off to Iraq

Prince Harry is not to serve in Iraq - the news has just flashed up on my screen.

At last some common bloody sense seems to have taken hold in the MOD and with the government.

What were they thinking of in the first place ? It was an obviously suicidally stupid idea in the first place - so that'll be a NuLabour idea then ....(But with Blair, Browne and Reid back peddling so the military would take the blame for their failure to protect the crown and its line of succession.)

Other blog reactions here:

Paul Hurst - thinks what kind of message does this send to the families of those who died in Iraq. He is also not the first person to suggest sending Tony Blair instead !
Lastingtwilight - thinks its a bit of a shame for Harry, and wimpy of the armed forces.
Ron Lyre, over at the Strumpet blog thinks its the insurgents that are getting of lightly - given Prince Hal's well deserved reputation in nightclubs etc ..
Corpus Juris wonders if anyone is surprised due to the obvious problem of Harry's deployment. (Quite).
Robert Fox over at The First Post thinks (and he's usually well informed) its the Iranian threat that has finally convinced the Army. Somehow Tony Balir has managed to spin it that he gets why he shouldn't be sent - ( well I remember Blair saying he could see not reason why he shouldn't go. )
Cranmer puts it all into his perspective, a feels a little sorry for Harry.

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