Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Convert to Islam by Thursday or die !

Christian minorities in parts of the Muslim world are simultaneously coming under violent pressure to convert to Islam, leave or be killed.

Specifically Christians in North West Pakistan are coming under pressure to covert, leave or die, and they have till Thursday to make up their minds. This story has finally broken with the BBC here ...

The Barnabas fund has articles on this here:

You have to wonder if this isn't coordinated. There are no end of countries lining up to defend Muslims - where are the the western world when it need to defend Christians ?

By the way the people I'm really impressed by are the wives of the men tortured then murdered in Turkey who have forgiven their husbands killers, because that is what their faith demands.

    Tilman’s widow, Suzanne Geske, was interviewed on Turkish television, where she explained that she intended to remain in Malatya with her four children. As Jesus prayed forgiveness for those who crucified him, she said “so I am going to forgive the people who took the life of my husband because, truly, they do not know what they were doing. They were fed many lies about what and who Christians are, and I am going to stay here to show them that I forgive them.” Necati’s widow has also publicly forgiven the killers.

Now that is real faith and no small amount of personal bravery.

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Rachel Joyce said...

What an amazing woman. When will the BBC and leftist media wake up to this?