Sunday, February 25, 2007

Is Blair on the verge of committing Treason ?

Check out Iain Dales diary - selling out our sovereignty - and thereby trying to remove the sovereign surely must be Treason.


Iain Dale's Diary: Blair to Sign a New European Constitution

Wikipedia on Treason and High Treason.

Now I know most of this seems to revolve around a form inserting your genetic code into the royal family, or doing away with them. But isn't a European constitution effectively doing the same thing.


james higham said...

On the weekend, in a post about Culloden, I was taken to task for suggesting Blair was like the Scottish Chieftains behind the clearances. Only Martin Kelly saw the analogy.

Fulham Reactionary said...

Under the Treason Act 1351, it is treason to do anything that reduces the extent of the King's realm. It seems to me that Blair is planning to do just that. In any event, reducing the power of the monarch over the nation should count as "being adherent to the King's enemies in the realm", or even as "waging war against the King" both of which are also treasonous. I doubt there's much chance of seeing Blair's head stuck on Traitor's Gate, however. Unfortunately.

Man in a shed said...

Well perhaps we should take our lead from the SNP here and the cash for peerages investigation.

We can be sure they didn't see that one coming.

If we did have Blair's head on a poll at traitors gate - would it still have that stupid grin ?