Sunday, February 25, 2007

David Kelly assasinated ? Ask Norman Baker ....

Norman Fox Mulder Baker, MP for North Norfolk, is starting to come to some conclusions from his investigation into the death of the weapons scientist David Kelly. There a programme on BBC 2 at 9pm (GMT) tonight that's going to go into this.

I've posted about Mr Baker's efforts before likening it to the Edge of Darkness TV series that was on TV a while ago.

Mr Baker, who has spent a year investigating the case, believes there is enough evidence to suggest that the scientist did not kill himself.

The BBC have a page on this here ... extract below:

The Liberal Democrat MP said toxicology reports suggested there was not enough painkiller in Dr Kelly's system to kill him, and the method he had apparently chosen to commit suicide was not a recognised or effective one.

"I'm satisfied it was not suicide. And after that you're left with the conclusion that his life was deliberately taken by others," he tells The Conspiracy Files.

He tells the programme it has been suggested to him that the weapons scientist was assassinated.

So who gets the blame ? I have always maintained that Tony Blair looked finished just after David Kelly's death was announced - what did he know ?

Just to fit in with the conspiracy theme - and as Michael Meacher is trying to make the news himself this week - here is Michael Meacher campaigning in the TV series Edge of Darkness, call on new forces yet to emerge ... Still its all fiction - the government wouldn't really cover up the execution of its own citizens .. would it ?


Humour and last laugh said...

Great commented on BBC blog. My comment was not considered good enough for posting.

james higham said...

No, the government would never do anything untoward like that and Tony Blair has never told a lie.