Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hazel Blears - woman of ambition (for herself)

The BBC is jumping though hoops again to get the reporting of Hazel Blears protesting against her own government's (and Party you hopeless left wing supporting excuses for news reporters) policy right. ( They have consistently failed to report that she is Chair of the Labour Party - it can't be the correct spin they are being told to use.)

Now this is the Hazel Blears who earlier had those meetings with the Health Secretary to understand where hospitals were being closed to check for marginal Labour constituencies, a role she had no shame over saying it was a legitimate political matter.

So what is the over paid chipmunk up to ?

Well we can be sure its not a sudden attach of principles - as she's kept her high paid government job. ( You might expect your MP to at least resign from the government over an issue like that - if the really felt that strongly.) But no our Hazel's pay check and fat public pension are undiminished by her sudden discovery of principles.

Maybe its a ploy to diffuse the real victims in all this - people who live in Conservative and Lib Dem constituencies who are having their health care savaged by Labour to poor money into their fiefdoms. [ How they'll play this is to say - look it impacts Labour continuencies too. Hazel on TV saying even her constintuency is suffering so all you Tory bastards can bloody well die faster wihtout a local A&E unit to get the life expenctancy down to the same across the country.]

Its either that - or our Hazel is continuing her campaign to be elected deputy leader ( or even leader - think of the public sector safe guaranteed pension and expenses that will follow that !!.

Possibly she thinks* she might loose her seat - if there is a hospital backlash.

Either way its not pretty.

(* OK I'm making a fairly bold assumption there - but I think she knows what she's doing.)

Update: Norfolk Blogger ( with mention in dispatches to Iain Dale ) has a good point about what Hazel may be up to here. Apparently she's having trouble getting a seat for the next election ... ho-ho.

Further Update: Iain Dale has a link here containing the following "In a scathing letter, former health boss Dr Ian Greatorex branded her actions `unprincipled'." Now thats go to be worth a read.


Ellee said...

I didn't realise Hazel was so tiny. But obviously she has to consider her own position here, she wants to be re-elected, there must be dozens of Labour MPs embarrassed by the government's actions.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Man in a Shed!

Man in a shed said...

Anon - Happy new year to you and yours also !

Elle - IMHO she's Party Chair and in the Cabinet.

If She doesn't like government policy she should resign from the second.

If she is finding it hard to get a safe seat then she should resign from the first as she clearly doesn't enjoy the confidence of her party members. (Imagine a Conservative Party Chairman who was unable to find a seat ? At least Chris Pattern fought on the barricades until he was over whelmed.)

Either way she should go.

She has a career as a public sector solicitor to fall back on, so will never be short of a ready supply of public cash.

As you can see I'm not all that sympathetic.

Snafu said...

As the Public Sector unions fund the Labour Party, it's in her interest to protect / promote / expand public secto jobs wherever possible!