Friday, September 15, 2006

Labour try to corrupt hospital closure program for personal gain.

The First Post reports that :

"Labour Party officials have held a secret meeting to discuss how to shut hospitals without jeopardising key marginal seats, according to leaked emails. Officials, including Labour Chairman Hazel Blears, are concerned about the political impact of NHS cuts and Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt called for those at the meeting to be given "heat maps" to show where closures and cuts could cost votes."

Surely this is direct evidence of political corruption at the heart of government. ( No wonder Labour want conditions taken of loans to corrupt third world regimes - they must feel their ears burning each time those conditions are made. )

Didn't Michael Howard get a judicial review about once a week when he was home secretary ? Any future hospital closure must now automatically get a such a review and this heat map must be made publicly available so we can spot bias when it appears. Surely, it can now be shown that the Labour government is using public money and risking the public health to gain votes - rather than to do its duty.

They have always had problems seeing the difference between party greed and public loyalty. This report confirms it.

I hope that there are some lawyers who can make them pay for this.

The risk has to be that health resources and hospitals will be taken away from regions that are politically unappealing to the Labour jobsworths.

This in my view amounts to corruption of government for personal gain. Its a worse scandal that Prescott if it turns out to be true.

Lets find that heat map ! ( First post go on to credit BBC radio4's Today programme )

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