Thursday, December 28, 2006

Are the armed services turning on each other or the government ?

I've just noticed a series of outspoken articles. Firstly from former and current Army top brass, with the Navy sniping from the side lines saying they had no problems in Afghanistan. Then the Navy getting worried about the carrier program being cancelled ( not likely given the jobs in Labour constituencies - especially Scotland - that this program safeguards ) and now the RAF feel they need to make the point about how useful Tornado fighters are in following airliners.

All this suggests the services are getting very nervous about a forthcoming financial crunch and radical measures that a new prime minister Brown might take ( Wilsonian canceling of the British Carriers and TSR-2 fighter plane come to mind - but then perhaps Wilson was a Soviet agent after all. The same can't be said of Brown.)

None of them really believe enough money will be made available and hence they appear to be lining up to fight each other. The first part of this is the PR onslaught that's starting now.

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