Saturday, October 25, 2014

Labour, in Scotland, are a hollowed out Oak tree

For those who still support the Union the signs that Labour are heading for a major collapse in Scotland are hard the welcome. ( Though many of us will never be able to supress a smile when Labour's chicken come home to roast as they have with the Union busting anti-English devolution settlement Labour have forced on our joint nation ).

The truth is Labour have been dying in Scotland for quite some time, in part aided by the fact that as a Unionist party Labour sent is talent to Westminster not Holyrood.

The boost in SNP membership and the decline in Labours combined with the loss of hinterland that proportional representation has created in local Scottish government and now in the Scottish Parliament has been deeply damaging to Labour. So has the insane fight to be left wing between just about everyone except UKIP and the sad rump of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party.

Labour has been hollowed out for many years, starting in the days of John Major.

Now, with the reignation of their figure head leader in Scotland, the whole partty looks like being on the verge of collapse.

Its hard to see Labour in Scotland as having a future, and many young Scots who are drawn to power and public spending will be drawn to the SNP not Labour. Especially as Scottish Labour isn't really Unionist in that many of its key members signed the separatist Scottish Claim of Right.

Labour is close to collapse, and so too in the Union between England and Scotland.

It will take real leadership to reverse this one - not dictatorship under Gordon Brown.

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