Friday, October 10, 2014

The first steps

Congratulations to the people of Clacton for keeping one of the best MPs in Westminster and the bonus of getting the first UKIP MP elected to Parliament.

I saw Tim Aker on the TV talking about Essex going Purple, and I think he may well be shown to be right.

The people of Essex form a collective opinion about our politicians. They loved Maggie, they lost faith in John Major. They really hated Brown, but that hasn't persuaded them to embrace Cameron.

Essex is the place of revolutions and revolts from Watt Tyler, the Roundheads, and even the Thatcherites. Being on the wrong side of Essex opinion is bad for your political health - just ask Neil Kinnock about Basildon.

And significant areas of Essex are lining up behind UKIP.

Now there's going to be trouble .....


Keith Butler said...

Take a look at this, maybe to late

UK Parliament comes to an effective end.

Man in a Shed said...

Primary school in Strathaven ? Odd question, but I have my reasons.

Keith Butler said...

My apologies mate that link i posted was total garbage ... This from the Boiling frog explains why.

Note to self ... must reseach harder.

EU Referendum: How We Can Win.